Organic Yeast

Consumers have a growing interest in the quality, health and environment aspects of their food and nutrition and more recently demand organic products. Organic foods now occupy prominent shelf space in the grocery store, with a range of products across the various food categories.


* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.
Product Description

Lallemand has introduced a variety of organic baker’s yeast products to help manufacturers of bread and baked goods to meet the consumers’ drive for more organic products.

The organic yeast is produced on substrates derived from organic agriculture. Through research and development, we have adopted our process to produce organic baker’s yeast that only requires only a limited number of ingredients but provides a high quality yeast. Lallemand organic baker’s yeast is certified organic and suitable for a wide range of baked products.

The organic yeast is available as fresh yeast for consumers (42g, 50g) and bakers (500g, 25kg) under the brand names Wieninger Bio and Malteserkors. Lallemand also offers organic instant dry yeast in various packaging sizes (9g, 10kg, 20kg) under the brand name Instaferm.

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