Lalmin® Yeast

Lalmin® is an inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) product containing elevated levels of specific minerals and/or vitamins. The gentle processing conditions ensures that the level of the essential nutrients (minerals, vitamins and other micro-nutrients) from yeast is preserved.

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Product Description

Lalmin® yeast is produced by a natural yeast fermentation process where the yeast is supplemented with low levels of a specific vitamin or mineral. The yeast cream is then pasteurized and then spray dried. This process allows the vitamins and minerals to interact with the yeast cell components and the gentle processing conditions then preserve the level of these essential trace elements.

Lalmin® yeast represents a highly valuable source of safe and bioavailable essential minerals, such as selenium and zinc, coupled with a natural reservoir of proteins, fibers and other essential nutrients.


Yeast has been part of human nutrition since the dawn of our earliest civilizations. Based on Lallemand’s expertise, Lalmin® products have been designed to enhance the natural properties of yeast.

• Lalmin® products are suitable for bread fortification.
• Lalmin® products are a natural, convenient and safe.
• Lalmin® products are an economical way to increase the intake of trace elements.

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