Baking Cultures

Florapan® starter cultures have been developed to produce European-style levain (sourdough) in a single, easy step. Composed of lactic acid bacteria, some also contain aromatic yeasts, both of which are specially selected for their abilities to produce organic acids and aroma compounds that give finished bread a unique sourdough flavor.

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Product Description

During fermentation, the starter cultures will produce aromas and organic acids leading to specific flavor profiles and improved shelf life of the finished baked good (better antimolding and anti-staling properties). They will allow to better control the levain fermentation and to produce the same flavor time after time, by providing more predictable fermentation flavor and timing during sourdough fermentation, for consistency and stability among your different productions.

Applications are very broad: European breads, tortillas, puffed pastries, pizza dough’s, croutons, bread crumbs, crackers, pie crusts and other baked goods.

Florapan® L62K, contains a specific hetero-fermentative bacteria strain that will produce a Traditional sourdough bread with balanced lactic-acetic profile.

Florapan® LA4(K), is a blend of hetero and a homo-fermentative bacteria with an aromatic yeast that contributes to gas production. It will provide a typical French “levain” flavor with a generous aromatic bouquet

Florapan® L73K, contains a specific hetero-fermentative lactic acid bacteria strain that will provide a clear and neutral lactic acid taste, ideal if the target is to acidify the dough without affecting the overall flavor of the finished baked good.

These three references are used for traditional sourdoughs flavors, with long fermentation times (overnight). Its high concentration in living cells allows the baker to prepare a one step liquid or stiff pre-ferment within 18 to 24 hours at temperatures between 25 and 35° C (77 – 95° F).

Florapan® L77K contains a proprietary homo-fermentative strain of lactic acid bacteria which will produce only lactic acid. It is used for rapid acidification and flavor development in bread processes using a short sponge pre-fermentation. Its high concentration in living cells allows bakers to prepare a one step liquid or stiff sponge within 3 to 6 hours at temperatures between 30 and 40°C (86 – 104°F).

Compared to the other Florapan® starter cultures, Florapan® L77K allows acidifying the dough in less than 3 hours (pH drop below 5). Also, the acidity level stabilizes after 8 hours at a pH of 4.3 – 4.0.


• Cost effectiveness
• Clean label
• Tradition
• Easy to use
• Small storage area
• No overflow risk
• Consistent quality
• Better bread texture
• Flavor differentiation
• Better preservation of the bread

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