Essential® Dough Conditioners

The trend toward natural ingredients continues to build momentum. Today’s consumers are more label-sensitive than ever before, and government and regulatory groups are acting to restrict or limit the use of many ingredients.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.
Product Description

Essential® dough conditioners are used in a broad range of applications, including: breads, buns, rolls, pizza, bagels, pretzels, tortillas, sweet rolls.
Lallemand Essential® dough conditioners product line includes:
₋ Essential® CL multi-functional clean label solutions
₋ Essential® ER enzyme-based emulsifier replacers / reducers
₋ Essential® PBR enzyme-based potassium bromate replacers for conventional and frozen dough
₋ Essential® SOFT shelf-life extenders / softeners


Consumers expect baked goods with perfect appearance, taste, and texture, while a baker still needs to keep productivity and quality at maximum levels. This is exactly why we created our line of Essential® dough conditioners. Naturally derived, they offer outstanding performance benefits, often surpassing those of chemicals or other ingredients they may replace.

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