Aromatic Yeasts

Florapan® aromatic yeasts are special strains of wine and beer yeasts that have been selected for their sensory characteristics in baking products.

Florapan® aromatic yeasts are used with, or in place, of conventional baker’s yeast to produce baked goods with unique flavors.





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Product Description

Strains of wine yeast, beer yeast, and baker’s yeast are selected for their sensory characteristics, and then produced in active dry form. They are used with a preferment step or extended proof time to enhance the aroma that carries over to the finished product after baking.

Florapan® aromatic yeasts can be used with Florapan® bacteria cultures to directly inoculate a liquid levain for a one-step pain au levain process that does not require refreshing.

Florapan® aromatic yeasts can also be used to produce innovative products with new flavor profiles. For some applications, like pizza, they have sufficient activity to provide both flavor and leavening. For other applications, like breads and rolls, they can be used in a preferment to develop the flavor, and then supplemented with conventional baker’s yeast in the dough to provide additional leavening. However, to enhance the aroma that carries over to the final product, extended proof times are recommended without the addition of baker’s yeast.

Florapan® A16 is a white wine aromatic yeast strain with a clean and delicate bouquet.

Florapan® A17 is a French red wine yeast with a fruity bouquet that is especially noticeable in the levain.

Florapan® A18 is a special beer strain yeast with a round and complex flavor contribution.


• Clean label
• Tradition
• Easy to use
• Small storage needed
• Long shelf life
• Consistent quality
• Better texture of bread
• Flavor differentiation
• Better preservation of the bread

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