Helpful Links

The following are links and contact information for the various bodies and organizations serving on the baking industry.

Industry Expositions – Americas

International Baking Industry Exposition –

All things Baking –

Industry Expositions – Europe

International Trade Fair: World Market for Baking –

Europain & Intersuc –

IBA world market for bakers –

The E.U. Yeast Industry –

Industry Information / Publications – Americas

Food and Drug Administration –

Canadian Food Inspection Agency –

American Dietetic Association –

Dietitians of Canada –

Bakers Journal –

Baking Management Magazine –

Milling and Baking News Magazine –

Snackfood and Wholesale Bakery Magazine–

Canadian Grocer Magazine  –

Actualité Alimentaire Magazine –


Industry Information / Publications – British Isles and Africa

Department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries –

Industry Information / Publications – Europe

Codex Alimentarius Commission –

Europa – the site of the European Union – europa.eul

European Food Information Council –

British Dietetic Association –

British Baker –